Rescue Pit Bull With The Biggest Smile Helps His Owner Propose

When Lisa Reilly adopted her beloved pooch Meatball she knew she’d finally found her perfect match. That is exactly how she described the feeling when she first saw Meaty’s smiling face in a picture uploaded to the Fresno Bully Shelter’s Facebook page. Lisa was moved by the fact that he bore a striking resemblance to her previous dog, Kitty, who had passed away only three months before she adopted him. She made the decision to bring him home with her and give him the forever home that he so desperately needed.

After adoption, Lisa quickly learned that her new pooch had a secret love affair with the camera. The playful pup was only too happy to constantly pose for photos. As a result, Lisa started an Instagram for the pooch and he quickly ended up with lots of fans. His followers totaled well over 150k!

Things were definitely taking a wonderful turn for both the woman and her new dog. In fact, close to the time that Meatball joined her household, Lisa also met her future husband, Joe. He and Meaty quickly formed a close bond as well, and it wasn’t long before the three of them had formed a happy family. Lisa and Joe often dressed Meaty up in silly outfits for his Instagram.

However, Joe and Meatball did work on one secret project together. Joe had taught Meaty how to balance a very important diamond ring on his nose. Then, Joe dressed him up in an adorable tuxedo in order to pop the question to Lisa. She said yes, and it wasn’t long until they were married and living happily ever after with Meaty and their four other rescue dogs.

Check out some of the family’s adorable pictures below:

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