The Incredible Friendship Between A Boy And His Autism Service Dog

There is no friendship cuter than the friendship that exists between a kid and their dog. These friendships are rooted in such fierce love and loyalty, there is no breaking the bonds. They definitely are bonds that will carry on for many years. After all, dogs are great companions for kids – especially those who have special needs.

For one young boy named Tupper, his service dog, Lego, is his everything. Not only are they best friends, but Lego is his rock when things get tough.

Tupper has autism, so sometimes daily life can be a little bit more challenging for Tupper to navigate than for others.

Of course, when it comes to life’s struggles, Lego is patiently by his side every step of the way. Not only does she help provide relief for his anxiety, but she also helps him get through his frequent nightmares.

Lego fills a special role in Tupper’s life – one that is uniquely special. And Tupper’s mom is so grateful to the dog and all that she has done for the young boy.

She managed to record a video of just how special their bond is, and it will certainly move you to tears to watch the little boy say, “good night my sweet boy I love you. Thank you.”

Watch the video below:

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