His Head Was Stuck In A Jar And He Could Barely Breathe, Until Someone Found Him In The Woods…

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India’s Animal Aid is back at it again with another amazing rescue! They received a call from a woman who saw a stray dog running around with his entire head stuck in a plastic jar. He wasn’t able to get it out himself, and was barely able to breathe. The woman and a few volunteers from Animal Aid went searching for him.

Credit: Animal Aid India

Credit: Animal Aid India

When they finally came across him in a wooded area, they got a hold of him and laid him down. The jar was on him so tight that they couldn’t even pull it off with their hands. What a scary feeling to see strangers coming towards you, knowing you’re completely defenseless! They had to use a scissor to cut a hole in the jar to let air in so the dog could breathe again. The dog was yelping the entire time, in total fear of what was going to happen to him. Eventually they were able to get the jar off of him and set him free. I doubt he would have survived much longer being stuck in that jar with little air!

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