This Dog Has A VERY Unlikely BFF, But They Make An Adorable Pair!

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Ever seen a Capybara before? Maybe, but probably not one like this! They’re the largest rodents in the world, native to South America, and basically look like giant guinea pigs. They’re very unique animals but this Capybara, named JoeJoe, is the most loveable, cuddly one you’ll ever see! He’s formed an unlikely friendship with a dog!

Both the Capybara and the dog are both on the dog bed, with the dog lying down and JoeJoe sitting up. JoeJoe has his arm around the dog, who is clearly his best pal. He starts nuzzling the dog’s neck until eventually the dog lifts its head up and starts licking JoeJoe back. They are so sweet and gentle with each other, it’s adorable! You can tell they’re the best of friends! You can follow JoeJoe the Capybara on his facebook page!

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