This Dog Has Something On His Back. His Reaction? PAWLARIOUS!

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We’ve all had those days where we are in a situation and just very confused about it. That’s what’s happening to this poor pup. This sweet little doggy is wondering why there’s a little black thing on his back. The little black thing just happens to be the cutest little kitten ever!! But the dog just isn’t feeling it.

He looks back at the kitten on his back and does a double take. Then keeps looking at him in every direction. “What the heck are you doing on my back?!” The dog starts moving in circles trying to get the kitten off, but the kitten is holding on for dear life and just came along for the ride! When the dog stays still, the kitten even moves around to get a better grip. At this point, the pup’s had it, and he quickly runs around in circles until the kitten finally comes tumbling off. These two are hysterical!

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