Dog Has A New Smile After Stealing His Dad’s Fake Teeth

We’re all guilty of buying random things online – especially during a global pandemic. I mean, I just ordered 200 blank white cards and specialty stationery paper as though I’m suddenly going to become my very own Hallmark factory.

But one man, Ben, bought himself a pair of very large, very comical false teeth in order to have a bit of fun. His plan was to take some pictures with the fake teeth and call it a day.

However, it was his little dog, Thomas, who was the one who ended up being the real MVP when he brought us all the quarantine content that we so desperately needed.

The adorable little pooch was actually a little light-fingered sneak who tried to make off with the set of false teeth from the table where Ben had left them.

The little dog didn’t chew them up or destroy them, in fact, he just carried them around in his mouth.

And the results were hilarious since he ended up looking like a tiny dog with giant human teeth – what is not to love?

In the video, you can see Thomas holding the teeth in his mouth, while Ben laughs and asks, “Thomas, what are you doing?”

Thankfully, Ben was quick to share the video gold to social media, where his video become very popular. And we can most certainly see why – it’s what we all needed to see.

Watch the video below:

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