Dogs Wearing The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes

One of my favorite things about Halloween is planning out the perfect costume. But the real fun is picking out something for my dog to wear!

There’s a costume for each and every dog. and we are in love with all of them! I picked some of my favorites for you all to enjoy. They’re scary cute.

1. The Frenchiest Frenchie

2. Snoopy?

3. E.T. Phone Home.

4. Get Your Hot Dogs!

5. What A Grouch.

6. Argh…

7. This Dog Takes Halloween Very Seriously.

8. The Three Huskateers

9. Bambi Never Looked So Cute

10. What A Clever Idea!

11. The Scariest Scarecrow

12. Lilo And Stitch

13. The Cutest Little Seal EVER

14. Dressing Up As The Enemy

15. “Mom, why are you always dressing me up in the weirdest things?”

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Chris Winters is an avid writer who also loves to hunt ghosts when she’s not at her keyboard. Although she once saw someone walking towards her with a sheet over their head, she’s yet to confirm that they exist.
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