Dog Gets A New Hairstyle For Each Day That He’s In Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has left many of us struggling in some way or another. Some of us may be struggling with serious issues, but many are simply bored as they are isolating at home. Those are the people who want to be entertained, and they long for something to look forward to every day.

Hannah and Adam Heil are included in those who are isolating at home. They are following safety protocols, social distancing, and trying to keep their heads above water. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, Hannah decided to start incorporating the dog into their daily activities. Her days are now spent combing and preparing the dog’s coat. That dog, Hank, now has a different hairstyle for every day he is in quarantine.

Hannah is getting closer to Hank during the time in quarantine and she finds his new look to be just as hilarious as the rest of us. She loves hanging out with her dog and she is planning on continuing until the quarantine is over.

Here are 18 pictures of Hank along with some props. I’m sure this will keep your days interesting.

Day 1 – punk rock star

Day 2 – Chic look with toilet paper

Day 3 – Emo Hank

Day 4 – ready for Sunday brunch

Day 5 – off to the office

Day 6 – Meet the Flintstones

Day 7 – Mr. T

Day 8 – Home cooking

Day 9 – Castaway

Day 10 – Pirates of the Caribbean

Day 11 – Up in rollers

Day 12 – Monday is fun day

Day 13 – Psychic

Day 14 – Star Wars

Day 15 – Exotic

Day 16 – Future Hank

Day 17 – Not the mama

Day 18 – Life is like a box of chocolates

It seems as if this is just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure you check out the Instagram page to see what new looks are coming your way. When we have Hank by our side, we can all get through this.

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