Dog Gives His Mom The Cold Should When She Picks Him Up From The Vet

Dogs might be sweethearts, but they also can hold grudges just as much as cats. And any of us who have dogs know just how dogs can hold a grudge, especially if it’s a result of them being sent to a boarding kennel while we’re on vacation or if they’re left at the groomer all day. Of course, if you drop off your pet at the vet for an all-day procedure, then you can definitely expect to pay for your sins – still not as much as you would with cats, though.

When Bret Mortimer took her 2-year-old lab mix, Fritz, to the vet, it was because she was trying to be a good dog owner. He needed his routine teeth cleaning, and being the caring owner that she is, she left him there for the day in order to be seen to.

Of course, Fritz was not thrilled with the projection of his day – the little lab mix felt utterly betrayed. And when Brett picked up her pooch later that afternoon, Fritz was sure to let her know just how much he disapproved of his abandonment for dental hygiene purposes. The entire car ride home, Fritz was giving Brett a really strong side-eye.

She managed to catch his sting of betrayal on camera and uploaded it to social media for others to see. In only a few days, the video went viral with so many people finding his reaction hilarious.

As Bret explained, “Fritz was mad I took him to get his teeth cleaned and would not look at me afterward. The coldest shoulder.”

However, Bret did speculate that perhaps his great annoyance came from a case of mistaken identity as to where he was headed. Fritz is a lucky dog in that he gets taken to his local park nearly every day, and it’s within proximity to the vet’s office. So, given how things went, perhaps he thought he was going for a fun day at the park only to wind up at the vet’s office. If I thought I was going for margaritas only to wind up at the doctor’s I’d be pretty upset too. We feel you, Fritz.

Additionally, Brett said, “he’s a human trapped in a dog’s body, I swear.”

To add to the confusion of the situation, Fritz probably couldn’t understand the method behind Brett’s madness of leaving him at the vet’s office. But we pet owners know that in order to maintain happy and healthy pets, we sometimes have to take them to unpleasant places such as the vet in order to get their health needs seen to. Hopefully Fritz figured that out.

However, it would seem that the pair eventually made their peace with one another, as Brett stated that Fritz is “usually full of love,” and she was eventually forgiven by Fritz.

You can watch the video below:

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