Dog Gives Birth To A Rare Green Puppy Named Pistachio

Pistachio is one unique little pup. The baby dog was born on a farm on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. His owner is Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci, who runs a farm with his brother-in-law, Giannangelo Liperi.

Mallocci’s dog, Spelacchia, is one of eight dogs that Mallocci owns and is the mother of Pistachio.

Mallocci was shocked when Spelacchia ended up giving birth to the little pup with green fur. Spelacchia had a whole litter of five puppies who were born earlier in the month of October.

While Pistachio’s littermates came out with white fur, Pistachio was the only one who had a different color.

Green-colored fur on dogs is a very rare thing.

It is believed that dogs with lighter colored coats come out with the coloring after they come in contact with a green pigment called biliverdin while in utero.

Biliverdin is the same pigment that causes the green color that appears in bruises.

While it’s definitely a shock to see in a newborn puppy, it won’t last.

Pistachio’s green color will eventually fade. Mallocci has plans to re-home Spelacchia’s puppies once they are grown enough, but he will be keeping Pistachio. The little green pup seems to have wiggled his way into his heart. Mallocci has plans for Pistachio to grow up to watch over his sheep alongside his mom, Spelacchia.

Green symbolizes hope and luck, so Mallocci is hoping that the little pup brings with him some good luck in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

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