This Dog Loves To Get The Paper. But, When He Tries To Get The Holiday Paper He’s A Bit Confused…

This is Mindy, she’s a two year old Golden Retriever / German Shepherd mix and she loves her owners more than anything. Well, almost more than anything – the way it looks in this video what she loves best is going outside to bring in their newspaper! There’s just one problem though! In this video it’s Thanksgiving and the newspaper is stuffed full of ads (Black Friday anyone?). It’s so big and heavy that at first Mindy it totally confused! What is wrong with her newspaper? Did some sneaky human put a brick in there? How in the world is she supposed to drag it home?

Even though the newspaper is stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, Mindy doesn’t give up! Her determination is going to make you smile. This is HER job, the special one she does for her humans. She loves them and no matter how tough things get, that paper IS going to be delivered, right on time!

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