A Pig Rejected Her Litter Of Piglets. What This Dog Did To Help? I Can’t Believe It!

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A small litter of piglets was born on a local farm, but sadly, their mother rejected them all and refused to let them nurse. Their owner noticed that this had happened, so she immediately took them in to feed them herself. Although they’d survive on what she was feeding them, they were still missing out on the nursing experience and the incredible mother-child bond. Enter Dottie Jayne, a 12-year-old Jack Russell terrier who also lived on the farm. After the piglets were born, Dottie Jayne would always watch the piglets and protect them. She then started snuggling with them and even began producing milk for them! Now, the piglets are being nursed and loved by a “mother” who will do the best job raising them!

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