Look at These Beautiful Dishes! Would YOU Eat Them?

I don’t know if I would be pissed off, shocked, or kind of relieved (I’ll explain the relieved part later). These people were in for the shock of their lives when they were given several gourmet dishes to try. The secret ingredient… DOG FOOD! Yea, I don’t think I would have been as calm and collected as some of these folks were, nor would my kids be (DEFINITELY NOT!). But hey, they were all good sports about it. I commend them. Plus, I am sure they signed some sort of waiver??? Or rather, I’d hope so.

So why am I relieved? I’m relieved that our fur babies ingest things that are relatively tasty. I don’t want to eat what they eat, that’s for sure, but it’s good to know that a gourmet cook can do his thing and make dog food palatable. Would you participate in a food tasting like this one? Let us know all about it!

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Adam Greene may reside in West Michigan, but the majority of his time is spent providing a comfortable lap for his many animals. When not covered in cats, he is probably writing and drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.
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