Dog Hates When His Human Plays The Flute, And Shows It In The Funniest Way

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When we played an instrument for school when we were young, our teachers always had us practice at home, because, well, practice makes perfect. Some parents aren’t too happy with this, especially if the instrument of choice is the drums. Hearing that sound for hours straight can become very irritating.

Apparently humans aren’t the only ones who think so. This girl is practicing her flute and playing a song in her living room. Her dog is lying on the floor in the background, trying to take a nap. He is clearly annoyed with the music, because every time she starts to play the song, the dog makes a disgruntled howl sound. The funniest part is that he makes the sounds while he stays lying down. He doesn’t even lift up his head. Poor pup is just trying to get some Zzzs in! But he’s absolutely adorable while doing so.

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