Dogs Become Instant Friends At The Park And Discover They’re Actually Siblings

We often make the mistake of thinking that humans are the only ones capable of forming strong bonds or recognizing others after a long time apart. However, our dogs are just as emotionally in-tune with those around them – as one pair of long-lost siblings so perfectly demonstrated while at the park.

Dog owner Jessica Zic was out for a walk with her dog, Dolly, when something unexpected happened. While wandering around Nashville’s Centennial Park, Dolly seemingly made a friend. Jessica noticed that Dolly went straight for a dog on the other side of the park. But what was quite remarkable, was that the dog looked extremely similar to Dolly herself.

The little furry doppelgänger named Wally was being walked by his owner, Becky Bird. The two had stopped in Nashville while taking a road trip from Chicago to Florida. As the two Goldendoodle dogs played around with one another, Wally’s owner, Becky, came to a conclusion. She soon recognized Dolly as a puppy she’d seen previously on Instagram. As it turned out, both Wally and Dolly were siblings who had been born earlier this year in Wheaton, Missouri.

What was incredible about the reunion was that Wally and Dolly hadn’t seen one another since they were eight-weeks-old, and both had been adopted by different families in May.

It was a Christmas miracle for the two canine siblings to have such a happy reunion by pure chance.

Jessica shared all about the encounter on her Facebook. She wrote, “When we got closer the dog’s owner recognized Dolly from Instagram — it was her brother Wally who was stopping in Nash on a road trip from Chicago to Florida! The puppies got to play together for the first time since they were 8 weeks old.”

The two owners indulged their pups and let them play around – and managed to capture loads of adorable pictures in the process.

After sharing them on social media, people were quite touched by the dogs’ heartwarming reunion. Hopefully this isn’t the last that the two canine siblings will see of one another.

Check out their encounter in the clip below:

What a precious Christmas surprise.

What do you think of the adorable reunion? Let us know!

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