Couple’s Dog Filmed Their Wedding With A GoPro That Was Attached To His Collar

When it comes to planning a wedding, every couple is different. What is perfection for one, might not be the same for another. It is truly a journey unique to all. For couple Julia Luckett and Nick Pierce, they knew that their big day would have to involve their dog, Zhivago. The couple also knew that their ceremony would have to take place at Julia’s family’s home located in South Hero, Vermont – where they could celebrate with all their friends and family.

For Julia and Nick, their love story started back when they were both starting music at Skidmore College. The couple lost touch, but then reconnected again in 2011 while at a Saratoga Springs, New York “dive bar.” During their relationship, the couple focused on their careers, with Nick becoming a librarian, and Julia taking up photography.

In 2018, it finally happened when Nick popped the question to Julia at the Luckett family home in Vermont.

Julia explained to Insider, “He proposed there because it’s our favorite place. That’s also why we decided to get married there.”

The Luckett family held a long tradition of having their couples marry at the property – a piece of land that had been purchased by Julia’s great-great-great-grandfather many years ago.

“My parents actually got married on that property, along with many other family members. It’s definitely a special family location to everyone,” Julia revealed.

As Nick and Julia hashed out the details of the big day, they bounced ideas off each other as to how to involve Zhivago in the ceremony. Three years prior to their wedding, the pair adopted Zhivago. Given that he was such an important part of their lives, they knew he had to be incorporated in the festivities in a creative way.

As Julia explained, “We knew we wanted to incorporate him into the wedding somehow, but he’s definitely a very adventurous and spirited dog.”

Then, inspiration struck at one of their friends’ weddings. The couple had attached a GoPro camera to their dog’s collar during their wedding, and from there, Nick and Julia wanted to do the same thing.

Commenting on their friends’ idea, Julia said, “It was so great and fun.”

She added, “It just seemed like an amazing idea that’s really quirky.”

Nick and Julia were confident that the GoPro idea would be perfect for their ceremony as well, so they were able to borrow one from their cousins, Stephen and Alix Bower, for their ceremony.

The couple played it safe and did a few trial runs with the GoPro beforehand, so they could avoid any hiccups on the big day. When it came to their wedding day on June 22, 2019, little Zhivago proved himself to be an expert in videography. The little pooch managed to outdo himself by getting it all. He managed to get great footage before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and afterward at the cocktail hour reception.

As Julia revealed, “We were pretty blown away by what he captured.”

Check out Zhivago’s work below:

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