Artist’s Heartfelt Comic About Dog Fighting Goes Viral

Comics are a great way of broaching subjects that might otherwise be seen as sensitive. One German illustrator, Jenny Jinya, ended up creating a very good but also a very sad comic that brings awareness to animal abuse. Her comics in the past have featured characters like a black cat and a tourist ride elephant. But now she’s created one that features an abused fighting dog.

She revealed the comic on her Instagram, writing in a post that it was a subject she found difficult and painful to draw. But she also wanted to bring awareness to the subject of dogfighting with the sad comic titled, “Roscoe.”

Speaking with Bored Panda, Jenny noted that she was always upset with the way pitbull dogs had been given a bad reputation. Jenny did plenty of research in order to give her comic an authentic feel. That is how she discovered that pitbull puppies are normally taken from regular households and then abused and trained to become fighting dogs. She said, “These animals were hoping for a family full of love and are taken away into a world of violence and loneliness.”

So incredibly sad, but we’re so glad that she’s using her artistic talents to shed some light on an important issue. Check out the comic on her Instagram below:

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