She Fell Down Into An Open Well. What Happens Next Will Restore Your Faith In People.

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This beautiful little dog was living on the streets of India, without food, without a home and without anyone to love her. She took a wrong turn and fell into an open well. With no hope of climbing out she crept onto a small overhang, hungry and shaking, just trying not to drown.

Thankfully, someone saw her and called Animal Aid Unlimited, India’s own animal rescue heroes! They pulled together a team of people to go after her, including one intrepid man who geared up and went into the well after her. She was so happy to see him that despite being tired, hungry and scared she wagged her tail!

Wait until you see them lift her out of the well, it will melt your heart! The best news is, there were even better things in store for this little dog once she was rescued! She got medical care and endless love from everyone on staff. Her life is forever changed thanks to the love and bravery of these volunteers.

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