Dog Falls Asleep In The Pool With A Tennis Ball In Her Mouth

When it comes to enjoying life, no one does that better than our dogs. They really know how to live their best lives. But as they age, sometimes our pups aren’t as sharp or as energetic as they used to be. Despite them getting older, they still try their best to stay young at heart.

One adorable Golden Retriever, Myla, was trying to stay her same youthful self, despite her age. Normally, one of her favorite activities would be to play in the pool with her favorite tennis ball. But as she has gotten older, that has changed slightly. Now, Myla can’t really get into the pool without becoming really, really relaxed.

In a video that the owner shared, the dog was seen falling asleep mid-play. But the hilarious part of the video was that the dog was sitting in the pool. The wonderful weather, combined with the pool and playtime, made her a little sleepy. And the results are so funny.

The most adorable part was that the pooch was nodding off while still holding the ball in her mouth. She rocks back and forth a few times as she tries to fight off the sleep, but naturally, she doesn’t manage. Then, her head goes bloop in the water.

So cute! Watch it below:

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