6 Creative Ways To Get Your Dog The Exercise They Need While You Self-Isolate

Getting some exercise is an enjoyable part of owning a dog but now that we are facing the real possibility of being stuck inside for weeks on end, we might be concerned that our dog won’t get the exercise they need. Just because you are isolated for any reason doesn’t mean your dog is going to let you off the hook. If you don’t exercise your dog, they could experience hyperactive behavior, anxiety, aggression, and a number of issues from destroying furniture to chewing on the carpet.

Make sure your dog gets the exercise they need while you are quarantined or self-isolating. Many of these suggestions can also help you to get exercise and they are loads of fun.

1. Fetch and Tug-Of-War

You don’t need a lot of room to play a good game of tug-of-war or fetch with your dog. As long as you have enough space so that the dog can get up a little bit of speed, you can sit in a chair and exercise your dog all day long. If you have a small area, try a hallway. If you want to get active with your dog, try racing him to see who can get to the toy first. Just make sure that you choose a soft item so nothing gets broken.

Tug-of-war is also an excellent choice and you don’t need much equipment to get started. Just grab an old piece of cloth, a rope, or a sock. It can help your dog to get exercise and can even teach them self-control. Be aware that tug-of-war can be risky because some dogs may get aggressive. Over time, however, it can help to build respect and trust.

2. Hide-and-Seek

Make sure you grab some good, healthy dog treats before you get started with this game. You can play an easy game of hide-and-seek with your pet, and if you have a family, get the kids involved. Just have the person hiding call the dog by name and when they find the person, they get a reward. It provides a great deal of exercise and a good bonding experience.

3. Treadmill

Now that you are stuck in the house, hiding from the coronavirus, it’s is more important than ever to make sure that your dog gets in his steps every day. One of the best ways to do it is by using a treadmill. Treadmills are used by many people to get their exercise when it is cold and miserable outside. Your dog can enjoy it and you can simply put them on the treadmill, get them accustomed to using it, and then let them have some fun. Every once in a while you might find that giving a treat helps keep your dog motivated. Once they are accustomed to the speed, you can kick things up a notch but always keep them insight.

If you feel that your dog would enjoy walking on a treadmill but you don’t own one, there are some that are made specifically for dogs. They take up less space in a smaller home or apartment than a full-size treadmill. If you buy one and your dog isn’t loving it, you can always sell it.

4. Scavenger Hunt

Your dog may enjoy hunting by nature, so why not make him hunt for his meals by looking for food piece by piece? Your dog will use his nose and all of his other senses to find each and every piece. Begin the game by putting food in familiar places and increase the difficulty as he gets accustomed to the game.

5. Food Puzzle Toys and Food Dispensing Balls

Almost every dog enjoys getting a treat, so why not make them have some fun getting it? You can purchase a food dispensing ball or a food puzzle toy, insert some treats, and stand back to watch the fun. These toys tend to be safe for cleaning in the dishwasher and they may have different levels of difficulty to keep your dog occupied. Watching your dog do these puzzles is also a great way to keep your mind occupied so you don’t go insane sitting and staring at the walls every day.

6. Obstacle Course

This one may take a little while to set up, but what else are you going to do while you are self-isolating? Just get an obstacle course built in your home and it can challenge your dog mentally and physically. You can build them out of blankets, cushions, chairs or any other item that you have laying around. It’s more than a way to keep your dog exercised and occupied, it keeps you occupied as well.

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