Bullmastiff Tackles His Army ‘Brother’ When He Returns Home

When we’re away from home, nobody will miss us quite like our dogs. In fact, when we return, our dogs are the ones who will always provide us with the best homecomings – no matter how long we’ve been gone. Whether we’ve been gone one hour, one month, or one year, our dogs will always greet us with the same frenzied enthusiasm of pure, unconditional love.

As it stands to reason, this makes dog reunion videos quite popular, since the internet loves a cute video featuring a very excited dog being reunited with their human. While all dog and owner reunions might put a smile on your face, some are a little more emotional and leave your eyes a little misty – like the moment that Jason Floyd was reunited with his beloved dog, Jaxson.

Jaxson was a large Bullmastiff, and despite his gigantic build, he was a complete softie with a heart of gold. Overall, he was a very loving dog who was hopelessly devoted to his human, Jason. However, Jason had to go off to Army basic training.

During that time, Jaxson obviously missed him very much.

The poor dog pined for him – so much so, that Jason’s mother, Lisa Floyd, had to come up with a solution. The Greenville, Rhode Island-based mother started putting Jason’s t-shirts onto pillows in order for Jaxson to have some semblance of closeness to Jason, despite their distance.

At the time, the then 19-year-old Jason was gone for an entire 14 months. While it was difficult, Jaxson slowly began to grow used to living his doggie life without his best friend. However, the training finally came to an end and Jaxson got a wonderful surprise in the form of Jason coming home from his basic training.

And the moment that Jason showed up, the adorable Jaxson could not keep a lid on his emotions. As soon as he saw Jason, he went into a frenzy of emotions, running towards Jason and propelling all 160 pounds of himself into his best friend’s arms. Jaxson ended up pinning Jason to his seat and smothering him with doggie kisses.

Lisa recalled the moment,

” rel=”noopener noreferrer” target=”_blank”>saying, “It was very heartwarming and loving. I was grateful to be able to capture that so we can always have that, you know, that moment.”

Watch the reunion below:

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