A Rescue Dog Escaped Through Her Fence Every Day. The Reason Why Will Leave You In Tears!

Saki was a stray that had been rescued and selected to train for the National Disaster Search and Rescue Foundation to become a search and rescue animal. As she waited for her rigorous training schedule to begin, she was placed in a foster home directly across the street from a young disabled boy and his family.

Danny was a young boy that had been diagnosed with severe developmental problems. It seemed as if the boy had a hard time with everything. After being adopted, his new family tried to give him everything he wanted, except for a dog.

Immediately, Saki took an interest in the house across the street. His foster owner noticed that the dog would disappear for long periods of time during the day. What Danny’s mother discovered was shocking. Saki would show up at their house and Danny would immediately hug the dog and begin talking. Danny had struggled to put together sentences, so to see him carrying on a conversation was amazing. Danny’s parents knew the two could not be separated.

After a tough time convincing the National Disaster Search and Rescue Foundation, Danny’s family was allowed to take complete ownership over Saki. Danny and Saki remain inseparable and Danny continues to conquer his developmental hurdles thanks to his newest best friend.

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