These Elves Were Just Working In The Workshop… But They Aren’t Just ANY Elves!

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It’s almost Christmas, which means Santa’s elves are busy at work, making and wrapping all sorts of toys. But I bet you never expected his elves to be THIS cute! These dogs and cats, dressed up in adorable outfits and hats, are doing all of the work with human hands. Some are working hard, others are hardly working, and one even decides to drink on the job!

Many decide to take a food break. Because, you know, making toys is hard work! A lot of them play with the toys instead of wrapping them, but Santa never said they couldn’t have a little fun! At the end of the video, it pans to a lone human making toys. Psh, I like the animal elves better! If you haven’t seen Freshpet’s other holiday video, with these cats and dogs with human hands eating a holiday meal around the table, you should totally check it out!

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