Dogs Gets Rescued From The Rubble After Tragic Earthquake In Italy

A massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Central Italy leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. Entire towns were demolished to piles of crumbled cement as rescue workers began sifting through the rubble for any survivors.

In the darkest of times, there is always a ray of hope. Finding a lost family member who survived the catastrophe or a family pet that made it out alive are all glimmers of hope for those involved with this disaster.

One group of rescue workers was able to document one of these heartwarming rescues as they found a a small dog trapped in some rubble. Surprisingly the dog was completely unharmed and extremely grateful to be free from the concrete. Check out the miraculous rescue in the footage below from The Telegraph.

The traumatic earthquake has taken more than 200 lives and the death toll continues to rise. As the survivors look to rebuild their lives, it is nice to have positive moments such as this to hold onto.

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