Dog With No Front Legs Dumped Twice In One Day By Heartless Owners

I’m nearly 30-years-old and I still cannot comprehend how some people can be cruel to animals – especially animals with special needs.

In a very disturbing video that highlights the absolute horror of some humans, a disabled dog is shown being dumped on the streets by its owners.

The video has been posted on Facebook where it has gone viral as people share the distressing footage. And the worst part is, this dog wasn’t just dumped the once in the streets of Brazil, this poor dog was dumped by his owners twice in one day!

The first bit of the footage shows the poor dog getting out of the car before it is shoved to the side and is forced to watch its owners drive off – leaving him alone in the street.

And if that isn’t heartbreaking enough, the dog is picked up by a Good Samaritan who returns him to his owners. But, as media outlets report, the heartless owners just abandon the dog again later that same day.

As reported by The Mirror, this sweet dog, now named TinTin, is missing one leg, and in addition to that, has lost the use of his other front leg. Given his disability, it’s even more uncomfortable to watch his mistreatment as he tries his best to hobble after the car that abandoned him.

After the uncomfortable footage was shared on Facebook, the video had been viewed more than 220,000 times, as well as received thousands of comments from people calling the owners “cruel” and “heartless.”

Tintin is currently under the protection of local animal services, and his horrible treatment is now under investigation. As reported by The Mirror, more than 30 people have come forward offering to adopt him.

We can only hope that TinTin’s heartless owners are found and punished for what they did to him. No animal deserves to be treated in such a way. Share if you agree.

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