Woman Puts Her Dog In The Dryer And Turns It On During Live Stream

Animal abuse is never a laughing matter. And people are now outraged after the latest animal abuse incident online, when a woman appeared on Live stream and placed her terrified dog inside a tumble dryer.

The young woman broadcast the abuse on August 10 during a Live stream on her Instagram. In the video, she appears to pick up the dog then put it in the tumble dryer, when she shuts the door and turns it on with the dog still inside. Allegedly, she did it multiple times.

Photo: Twitter

The stream was noticed on a large scale after Twitter user “sasaaok” posted a video clip from the stream. The clip went viral a few hours after the alleged incident took place.

“Someone please call the police on this girl, Some people don’t deserve dogs or pets at all. It’s complete abuse how they treat them,” the tweet said.

In the video clip, the woman is heard laughing, “Alright, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna put his ass back in the dryer.”

WARNING: Please be advised that the following video clip may be distressing for some. Viewer discretion is advised.

After this, she continues, saying, “He likes that shit! Look! He likes that shit!”

She then coaxes the dog over to the open appliance door, picks him up, and places the dog inside.

The woman then tortures the dog by turning on the dryer for about 8 seconds, during which the poor animal can be heard banging against the sides of the dryer while it spins. She then opens the door, screaming with laughter as the terrified dog scrambles out and goes to hide under a table.

A report from the Dallas Police Department suggests that the identity of the woman from Lewisville, Texas has been made and that the Lewisville police are now looking into the incident as cruelty to non-livestock animals.

Police won’t reveal the identity of the woman in question because of her age. The dog from the video has since been looked at by a vet, and the investigation is still pending since they’re waiting on the results from the vet evaluation.

Since the tweet went viral, there have been loads of people calling for legal action to be taken against the Instagram user.

“I’m hoping we find this terrible person and she does time… I don’t care if she’s a minor or not jail time is needed,” user ‘TheReal_JonBoy’ tweeted.

Photo: Twitter

“Brooooo. Not only did that dog suffer, And the girl who did that got a kick out of animal abuse, But the fucking chat is laughing too. This world is messed up. I swear,” another user by the name of ‘LonerLittle’ replied.

Photo: Twitter

The woman is still posting to her Instagram stories, so as of right now it’s not clear whether or not she will be facing consequences for the contents of her Live stream video or not.

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