This Dog Was Drowning In A Freezing Pond. When I Saw What They Had To Do To Rescue Him, My Jaw DROPPED.

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In Delaware, this pup wandered onto thin ice and fell through, leaving him stranded in the freezing water. According to his owner, Mark Murowany, 13 year old Boo always walks around the lake but never walked onto it before. Mark’s mother heard Boo barking and ran outside to see his head poking out over the ice. A neighbor called 911 and firefighters came right away to rescue him.

The firefighters began to break the ice so they could use a rowboat to reach Boo. Eventually, they got the boat close enough to Boo and one of the firefighters reached over to pull Boo onto the boat with them. They wrapped him in blankets and set up a space heater to keep him warm. Thank god Boo was rescued or else he would have drowned! Watch the daring rescue in the video below:

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