They Found Her Drowning In Tar. After Saving Her, They Did The UNTHINKABLE.

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This poor dog was drowning in a pool of tar in Chile when a father and his son drove by and noticed. The dog was trying to keep her head above the tar and was struggling to stay alive. The father and son immediately stopped to help her. They called for help right away and rescuers came to get the drowning pup out.

They aren’t completely sure but they believe that the dog may have been intentionally put there. After getting her out, they rushed her to the animal clinic. Vets quickly began washing off the sticky tar. Aside from drowning in tar, she was also hungry and dehydrated. Underneath all that black tar, she was actually a golden-colored dog! Now she is doing much better and even found a forever home with the father and his son who saved her life.

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