Watch How This Dog Adorably Made Friends with a Baby Donkey

Friendships can happen in a minute if there’s an instant connection. It rarely happens, but if it does, it’s like you’ve known that person for years. Similar interests and matching humor play a huge role in building that spark. Moreover, being genuinely interested in the other person is important. Friendship is a two-way street — reciprocating energy is a major key factor. Like humans, animals also build friendships similarly. It usually starts with curiosity, then that interest grows throughout the first meet-up. Confidence in making friends is vital for animals as well, and dogs are the best in that area. As a walking fur of sunshine, anyone would love to befriend them.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Dogs certainly have a talent for making friends. That’s why humans with jolly personalities are often associated with Golden Retrievers. Perhaps it’s the devotion and dedication to making their friends feel special. They just know how to express affection — charming their way to the heart of their human or animal buddies. There are many proofs of how dogs are masters of friendships, and one of them is Colton. It all started with her curiosity and fascination for a baby donkey named Willow. Colton was the official welcomer of Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary. But the day she saw Willow, Colton expressed her interest by hanging out in the stable. Susan assumed that the dog might have wanted to welcome Willow with a kiss.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

During their first meeting, Olive, Willow’s mother, would get in between them. She wanted to ensure that her daughter was safe — she had her priorities. “But as days went by, she eventually just started to let Willow be curious and go up to Colton,” Susan shared. The two began to familiarize themselves with one another. Willow was immediately attached to Colton and vice versa. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship, which was the highlight of Susan’s days. Mommy Olive approved, and Susan mentioned that it might have something to do with having breaks while Colton looks out for Willow.

“Colton somehow knows when they all need a little special loving and she has a calming nature to her. But more like an older sibling, you know, you’re looking out for your little sister,” Susan said. They were definitely inseparable — always going on their mini adventures at the farm. Colton is Willow’s guardian as soon as the day starts. She would even accompany her every time Susan leads her out of the stable. The dog became the baby donkey’s guide — when she walked forward, the baby would follow. Colton might have been the first one to be fascinated, but Willow grew more interested in the dog as well. Love has grown between them, which has led to a very special bond.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“A lot of people don’t really connect the fact that farm animals are very much the same personalities as your dogs and cats, and they all want to love and play. And these two, I think it’s taught a lot of people the gentleness of farm animals. It’s just really cool to get to experience it,” Susan lovingly said. Their life on the farm will certainly make you feel happy. You can definitely tell that Colton and Willow have a unique bond. Their love for each other is a huge source of serotonin. You’ll find yourself smiling after watching their story in the video below.

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