This Dog Is Getting Ready To Do A Trick…But Keep Your Eye On The Dog In The Back!

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You know the old flip of the treat off the nose trick? You put the treat on the dog’s nose, tell him to stay, and then when you cue him, he flips his head up so that the treat flies up and he catches it in his mouth. Well, that’s what this dog had in mind, but his trick didn’t go as planned…

He flings his head up to flip the treat up into his mouth, but instead of that happening, he flings it a little too hard and it flies up behind him. Not only that, but it just so happens to fly right into his doggy pal’s mouth. It all happened so perfectly that it looks like that’s what was supposed to happen! Don’t worry pup, we’ll just pretend like that was the trick that was planned in the first place!

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