Dog Is Disappointed When The ‘Puppy Pool’ Is The Size Of A Water Bowl

There is an old saying, “let the buyer beware,” and I think that all of us have experienced the truthfulness of that saying. Who of us has not been disappointed after ordering something and receiving it, only to find out that it is nothing like what we expected?

As it turns out, this isn’t only disappointing for humans, it is disappointing for dogs as well. That is illustrated nicely, thanks to a 2-year-old Newfoundland named Darcy. Darcy loves to play in a pool and we can’t blame her, considering how thick her coat is.

When Chelsea Sparks, her human, decided to surprise the dog with her own wading pool, it would’ve been a dream come true. The unfortunate thing that happened, however, is the pool was extremely tiny when it arrived.

Chelsea is a lawyer, so it’s hard to tell where things may go from here. According to Metro, she does say that the dog loves water and they can’t keep her out of the water when it is around. That is why her stepfather decided to order the pool online. He said it was a “bargain” and since it was coming from China, they had to wait some extra time.

She continued, “When it was delivered we didn’t know what it was as it was folded up so small. When we realized it was the dog pool we thought it was hysterical. We then put the pool next to Darcy and took a photo.”

Chelsea’s dad was also disappointed because the advertisement was false. It showed dog jumping in and out of the pool, but after taking a picture of the dog next to the bowl, they saw the humor in it.

Chelsea added: “We think it may have been a scam, however we were so entertained we didn’t give it much thought.”

The best news is, Darcy got her swimming pool after all!

Chelsea continued, “My stepdad isn’t very technical so he didn’t realize. He hasn’t contacted the company yet, I am going to help him with this in the coming days. We sent photos to our friends, who all thought it was comical. That is when I decided to post it online to a dog group, as I knew they would find it funny too.”

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