Her Dog Started Acting Very Weird. When She Went To The Doctor, She Found Out Why…

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Dogs are extremely aware of their surroundings and can always sense when something is wrong. They are very good at reading our body language and can tell we are going to do something before we do it. This constant observation seems to give dogs a sixth sense. Max, a red collie cross, was an energetic dog who was always full of enthusiasm, until one day his attitude changed. His owner knew something was wrong when he was extremely quiet and lethargic. At nine-and-a-half years old, it was possible that Max could be at the end of his life, and that is exactly what his owner Maureen thought. She began to prepare herself for the worst when she thought she was losing her beloved pup. He wouldn’t sit on her lap and the only time he would go near her was to touch her breast with his nose, which left him very unhappy with a sad look in his eyes.

Maureen had a small lump in her breast, but the mammogram was clear, so she assumed all was fine. But after Max continued to act in that strange way, she put two and two together and just knew it was cancer. She went to her local hospital, but both a scan and mammogram came back negative. It wasn’t until she got a surgical biopsy that the cancer was detected. When she had it removed, Max went back to acting normal. When technology couldn’t detect cancer, Max could! Amazing! Watch the story in the video below:

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