Dog Destroys Owner’s Passport A Couple Of Weeks Before She Was Supposed To Travel To Wuhan

They say that everything happens for a reason. And if you’re a positive person like me, when misfortunes befall you, you try to remember that it’s only because better things are falling into place. Of course, we’re all human and sometimes positive thinking isn’t always easy when you’re in the middle of a crisis.

After a dog chewed up his owner’s passport prior to a scheduled trip to Wuhan, the dog was in the proverbial dog house. Understandably, the owner was livid – how many of us would be as well with a destroyed passport?

The Golden Retriever called Kimi presented his owner a shredded passport only a month before the owner was due to fly from Taiwan to Wuhan for a family trip.

Given that Kimi had reduced the owner’s passport to confetti, the owner had no choice but to cancel the trip.

Upset with Kimi’s behavior, the owner didn’t realize that it was actually a blessing in disguise until some time later.

After the passport destruction, there was a little world health development occurring in Wuhan. Everyone now knows it as the Coronavirus.

Photo: Kimi0611

Given that Wuhan appears to be the epicenter of the novel virus, Kimi’s owner felt nothing but gratitude that the dog’s actions had ended up preventing her trip.

Only a few days after the incident, reports of the Coronavirus in Wuhan had dramatically increased.

Not long after Kimi’s owner had posted about the decimated passport, she followed up with another post: one that thanked Kimi for inadvertently protecting her.

The Coronavirus comes from a family of Coronaviruses that are actually quite common. They share similar symptoms, such as coughing, fever, and runny nose.

Most of the coronaviruses don’t pose any kind of threat, however, there are some that are more dangerous. Take SARS for example, that particular coronavirus killed more than 700 people during a 2013 outbreak.

The current coronavirus that has originated in Wuhan appears to be similar to SARS. What’s more troubling is that it is spreading fast, and shows high adaptability, and has mutation rates that are downright alarming.

Given these unnerving facts about the virus, it’s no wonder that Kimi’s destruction of her owner’s passport was probably a good outcome in the end.

Kimi’s owner managed to stay safe, and together with Kimi, her owner and her family were able to enjoy a New Year celebration in a safer setting.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Stay safe everyone! (And wash your hands!)

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