Little Girl Watches As Animal Control Shoots Her Dog With A Poison Dart And Drags It Away

Videos go viral for many different reasons but this heartbreaking video of a Kazakhstani dogcatcher’s despicable actions is doing so because people are outraged. It shows the moment that he shot and killed an eight-year-old girl’s dog and dragged it away in front of her. It happened in the town of Taraz, when Barsik, a one-year-old black spaniel was shot with a poison dart the arms of his owner, Shynali Risbibi.

A security camera attached to the Shynali’s home showed what happened. You can see the dog trying to get back to the front gate before falling on the pavement, the Daily Mail reports. Eight-year-old Shynali tries to console her dog as the man who shot the dog is cleaning his air rifle in the background.

The dog eventually falls to the ground and the man rushes forward, grabs Barsik by the neck and drags him away. Shynali is left outside on her own. She eventually opens the door and heads inside.

Shynali’s mother spoke to the media about what happened and to express her outrage. She says:

“My daughter ran home in tears. She was shaking and barely could speak. After we realized what happened, my husband and I ran outside and found that man. After a huge quarrel, the worker opened his van and showed us Barsik.

He was lying in there, dead, among other canine corpses. Shynali cried the whole day. We did not dare to tell her what we saw in the van. Now we are looking for a black Spaniel to adopt.”

Pet owners from around the world were outraged by what they saw in the video. A local animal rights activist, Irina Keller told the local media:

“In spring this year an animal control worker killed a pet dog in front of its owner, a nine-year-old girl. The girl shielded the dog with her body and the worker pointed his rifle at her. She got scared and stepped aside. Then he killed her dog. The animal control workers kill everything that moves with poison darts and are paid by their unit for each corpse.”

The head of Animal Control, Anuarbek Kaltaev gave the following statement:

“The incident occurred on October 10. The worker was reprimanded for carrying the air rifle in front of the child. The case is going to be investigated by the specialists of our unit. The worker will be fired if found guilty.”

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