Here’s A Doggy Art Project For Your Next Party That Will Take Your Selfie Game To The Next Level!

Hey everyone, I’m Jenna from Family Pet and today I’m so excited to show you a party trick for your next soiree to show your puppy spirit! This project is not only adorable, but it’s affordable and easy to make! Now don’t be intimidated by this, I myself am a pretty terrible artist. But I am gonna show you tricks on how to draw this super simple puppy!


So here’s what you need:
A trifold board, a black sharpie, two shades of brown paint, white paint, red, blue, white and green, as well as a ruler, an Xacto knife and to start, a well sharpened pencil and eraser. You can buy these at pretty much any craft store.

So to start:
First, place your ruler vertically towards the top-middle of your board. Make a mark at 2, 6 and 10 inches. Then, turn your ruler horizontally, still keeping the 6 in the same spot, and make a mark at 2” and 10”. Then I’m going to make marks .5” away from each mark. Connect these dots to make two ovals. If they aren’t perfect that’s fine, but try to make them as identical as possible.
Then create the ears 2 ½ inches apart.
Next is the collar. Make 2 marks 1 inch away from the bottom and connect the dots.
Then make two subtle diagonal lines down to draw the arms. Draw a C with a straight edge on the bottom, and the opposite on the other side. Then, make a mark 2 inches inside the arms, and connect lines to the paws. Next, make the shape of a backwards question mark, and then a C with a straight edge on the bottom, and same on the other side. Lastly, were gunna make the tail. Now we’re done drawing the dog! Now, just create a rugged line here to show our pup is sitting on grass, and clouds here for the sky. If it’s not perfect that’s okay, as long as it looks like a dog this will be a hit!

So now were going to carve out the middle circle. Make sure you take your time with this. Take your X-acto knife and point it down with some force.

And now, were on to the second to last step, painting. So you should start with a lighter shade of brown. The red will be used for the collar, the grass will obviously be green, sky blue, and clouds white. Then we will take the darker brown and use it to show that the dog is furry. If you mess up it’s fine, because you can always paint over a mistake.

Image 540

Once your paint is done drying you will take your sharpie and outline all the lines you drew before. This will accentuate everything in the picture and make everything pop.
Now that we’re done, let’s see how exciting everyone finds this product!

I hope you found this useful and that you will use this in your next gathering!

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