Kids Save Abandoned Dog Covered In Tar

At times, we may hear about a dog going through something that is straight out of our nightmares. That is what happened to this pooch, who was covered with tar and trapped with no hope of escape.

When Aloe found herself in this situation, she began whimpering and other dogs began barking. Even though she was covered with solidified tar, she got the attention of other dogs in the area. Those dogs barked, alerting kids to the problem.

Libertad in the city of Merlo, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the location where it took place. The children tried to free the dog but were unable, so they called their parents. The police were then called in and it took nine hours to rescue and clean the pooch.

Thanks to the work of the quick-thinking children, firefighters, police, and other volunteers, this dog was saved from an untimely and frightening death. The animal protection organization, Proyecto 4 Patas (Four Legs Project) was also on hand to help.

The animal group said that the dog ‘fell or was thrown in a tar well in an abandoned area in Libertad.’ It took about nine hours to rescue the dog and a lot of soap and volunteers to clean the tar from her body. She had been covered from head to toe and was in it for so long that it started to petrify.

The animal group said:

“Aloe was stuck in the ground and petrified. 100% of her body was hardened. Her mouth, eyes, ears, everything. We were shocked, we had never been in front of an animal in this condition, but it was a time to get focused and use our will and love to get her out of this nightmare situation as soon as possible.”

“We were already informed about how to work, we had hours and hours in front of us of work. We gathered volunteers, we organized ourselves in teams, we bought litres and litres of oil and for nine hours non stop we cleaned the tar.”

Some of the cleanup took place at the scene, but the dog was then transferred to a clinic to be treated further. She finally was completely free of the tar.

The group shared pictures of the dog after it was finished. They said: ‘And here you have Aloe, this is the day of her second birth because there are no doubts she was born again.’

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