Therapy Dog Chooses A Different Stuffed Animal To Bring To Bed Each Night

We all love to spoil our dogs. They’re our babies. Plus, they deserve to have nice things. That is why we go out of our way to spoil them rotten. Most of us dog owners have a corner of the house that is dedicated to storing our pets’ toys. This can be a simple little basket or box where we put their toys when they’re not playing with them.

While we might think that our dogs have a lot of items, they probably don’t hold a candle to the plethora of toys that Mojito has. The adorable 3-year-old therapy dog, Mojito, has a lot of toys – and she loves every single one of them.

But besides giving all her toys equal amounts of attention, there is something truly precious that she does. Her nightly routine before bedtime includes picking out a toy to sleep with during the night. She goes through her collection and selects a new different toy to bring upstairs with her.

And the pooch is quite specific in her choices as well. She won’t pick just any toy. She has to go around searching for the perfect one. And she won’t stop until she locates it – even if that means she has to search the entire house to find it. We can only hope that she picks up after herself when getting out her toys.

Once she has found her bedtime companion, she returns upstairs with her toy of choice and spends the entire night with it. Her owner, Kim Downie, has shared with Country Living that the dog has done that particular nightly routine for almost two years. In that time, Downie has created an Instagram for Mojito’s toy selection, where she posts pictures of the adorable pup’s choices.

Check out some of them below:

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