He Picks This Toy Over The Others Every Time. But At The End, Watch What He Chooses Instead!

Manual SKM medrec

This adorable little dog, named Benji, has one toy that he favors above all the rest, a plush moose stuffed animal. His owner puts the moose next to Benji and asks him who his best friend is. He proceeds to paw the moose as his response.

No matter how many toys his human adds to the lineup, when she asks who his best friend is, he always paws the moose no matter where it is placed. But there is one toy that we soon find out that tops the moose. His human adds a plus pizza to the mix, and when she asks who his best friend is, instead of pawing the moose like he did all the other times, he paws the pizza. Benji is smart…who doesn’t love pizza?!

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