Family Allows Their New Puppy To Name Himself Using Dog Treats

There are so many wonderful things about bringing a new puppy into the home. We realize that we are about to embark on many years of a loving relationship that will often be there for us in good times, and bad times. Perhaps one of the most important things to do when we get a new puppy is to provide them with a name. That name will define them in many ways, and we will likely use it many times every day.

Erika Maribel is a TikTok user who posted a video of how her family allowed their new puppy to name itself. It was a rather interesting idea, and it certainly goes against what most people do of stressing over it until they come up with a name. A number of name suggestions were put on the floor, each on a piece of paper. A treat was then placed on the top of each of those notes.

After directing the little puppy to pick his own name, they started recording. The video continued to play until the puppy had chosen Canuto as a name of his own! It seems to be the ideal selection because the name means “charming being who is highly pleasant.”

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