Dogs Are Suffocating In Snack Bags At An Alarming Rate

We all love our dogs and want what is best for them. We watch out for their health and happiness because we know that they are not able to always take care of themselves. Just like we would prepare a home for a new baby, we try to make sure that hidden dangers are not problematic for our dogs. Sometimes, however, it takes a reminder to know when something really needs to be corrected.

Wasabi was a family dog that became a victim of a hidden danger. Patricia Polacco was his grandmother and she posted the following to Facebook:

“My Daughter Traci lost her dearest dog Wasabi to this…it was a pork rind bag. She had left to go pick up something at a friends, wasn’t even gone 10 minutes and her roommate called. He found her next to the front door with the bag still on her head. HAD SHE KNOWN…… hadn’t even crossed her mind that something like this could happen. None of us knew!!!! Please spread the word. Chip bags, zip lock bags that had left over food in them, treat bags, yogurt containers, Especially the Yoplait, cut it all up!!!! Don’t leave them where pups and cats can get to them. Our hearts are still broken. Thank you.”

WUSA 9 reports that another dog, Menja also was the victim of a snack bag. His mother, Shira Reese spoke with the news to talk about the day that her dog lost his life.

“I went downstairs and I found him unresponsive with a Goldfish bag around his neck,” Shira told WUSA 9. “At that point, he was stiff.”

Bonnie Harlan is another pet-parent who had a similar event happen. “He had knocked over lamps and tables and things like that before he finally suffocated. It was a horrendous way to go.”

Debbie Smith is yet another dog owner who talked about her worst day. “[He] was starting to swell and such. It was just unbearable. He was my life for 10 years. I wept like a baby for days and weeks.”

Those four dogs were not doing anything wrong, they were just acting on a desire to eat. The hunger ended up costing them their lives.

My Daughter Traci lost her dearest dog Wasabi to this…it was a pork rind bag. She had left to go pick up something at…

Posted by Patricia Polacco on Saturday, November 9, 2019

Any dog is at risk, even those who are well trained. Dog owners may never think that something like this could happen but it is happening regularly.

The best option is to keep snack bags locked up tight. You might also want to consider purchasing sealable containers that fit in your pantry. They help to keep snacks fresh but aren’t a hazard to animals.

Our dogs depend on us to keep them safe. Do what it takes to ensure that your dog will be around for a long time to come.

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