German Shepherd Meets Baby Chicks For The First Time. Their Encounter Is So Sweet!

This German Shepherd, named Thorin, was given the adorable task of watching over this batch of newborn chicks. Many dogs would bark at the chicks, or react in a loud manner, but Thorin’s reaction is much different. And extremely heart-warming!

Thorn is lying down on a rug while the little chicks hop around on his giant paws, chirping happily. Thorin is so very gentle with the chicks, and nudges them with his nose. He isn’t phased by them at all, and although he looks very curious, he remains quiet and calm. As the chicks continue to walk around, Thorin lays his head down on the rug and keeps a close eye on them.

The chicks also show no fear toward the big pup. They snuggle up to him, and clearly love being near him. They might even think that he’s their mother! And Thorin might as well be! He does a great job taking care of them and acting as their adoptive “mother.”

It’s always so heart-warming to see animals of different species getting along. I bet when these baby chicks grow up into adult chickens, they will still get along just great with their new doggy friend!

Watch their first encounter in the video below, and be prepared to melt from the cuteness!

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