He Throws A Dart On TV, When The Dog Sees It And Does THIS– You Can’t Help But LOL!

This pup and his owner were watching the BDO World Dart Championships on the BBC at Lakeside Country Club in Surrey, England. You can tell he really enjoyed watching it and that he also loves a good game of fetch every now and then. How? Well, because he actually tried to play fetch with the dart players on television!

The dog sits in front of the TV and patiently waits for the player to throw his dart. Once he throws it, the dog runs into the other room, thinking the dart was actually thrown out of the television. When he can’t find the dart, he comes back into the room and sits in front of the tv, waiting for the player to throw the dart again. Then he rushes back into the other room to look for it. I wonder how many times he has to do this before he realizes that he’ll never find the dart! Silly pup!

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