Field Workers Rescue Poor Dog That Was Chained To A Cinder Block For His Entire Life

There is nothing that annoys me more than someone who owns a pet but doesn’t take proper care of them. Worse still, are the pet owners who downright neglect their animals and treat them as though their wellbeing doesn’t matter a big deal. Animals deserve the same love and care as any human being.

It’s sad to see an animal getting neglected. A poor little Maltipoo named Ziggy has spent the entirety of his life outside, chained to a cinder block. His world was very small and bleak, despite the pooch deserving so much more. Luckily for Ziggy, the attention and love that he deserved was right around the corner.

Field workers for PETA had been regularly visiting the pooch for a whole year, giving him food and water. They kept trying to get the owner to surrender him. But the owner did not budge. Fortunately, PETA’s tenacity worked out and Ziggy’s owner finally gave them custody of the adorable little black pup.

Ziggy was taken to PETA in order to start his new life. While at PETA, Ziggy formed various friendships with the employees. With the help of the people at the Norfolk SPCA, this sweet and loving pup got a second chance at life. He was adopted by a family who wanted to give him all the love he deserved. The happy little pup also got a new set of playmates in the form of Cheddar the cat as well as a new neighbor, Sonic.

Luckily for Ziggy, he was able to finally start living his best life. Check out the video below:

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