Even Though He Was Chained Up His Entire Life, He Is Still Able To LOVE.

Rusty the dog was chained up in a yard in Phoenix, Arizona, barking at people passing by him each day. But one day, someone actually stopped to pet him. Jared Piper began to stop by every day, and Rusty grew friendlier toward him, wagging his tail for treats. But his conditions were very sad; Piper had never seen Rusty off his chain, he was covered in fleas, and had a tumor on his stomach. Piper knew he had to do something to save this dog. One day while Piper was there, Rusty’s owner came outside. She told Piper that Rusty is used to being chained up, as he had been for 10-15 years. Can you imagine?!

Piper knew he couldn’t leave without this dog. He demanded the dog and said he wouldn’t leave without him. She said Rusty would bite or attack him if he tried, but Piper knew that wasn’t the case. Eventually she handed his chain to Piper, and then he immediately brought him to a veterinarian to get help. The vet had to cut his collar off his neck since it had been on for so many years. Then he received his first bath. Piper fostered Rusty while searching for an adoptive family. He found the perfect one, where Rusty would have a huge yard to run around in, a loving family and a lot of doggy pals to play with! Now Rusty finally gets to experience the life that every dog should live. Watch the full rescue below:

Dog Dramatically Flops On His Side Toward The End Of Every Walk Because He Doesn't Want To Go Home: Click “Next” below!

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