Pet Owner Sets Up Camera To Watch Her Dog And Cat Cuddle On The Couch While She’s At Work

Contrary to the stereotype, cats and dogs actually can be best buds. And one adorable one-minute video proved that after Reddit user Elphaba1 posted the clip of what her pets got up to while she was at work. The cat and dog owner wrote, “Every day I point the camera at the couch when I leave for work, so I can capture their snuggles.”

The pet owner had been wanting to keep an eye on her dog, Joule. The 4-year-old rescue pup had been battling a bad bout of anxiety, and it had taken a few years since her adoption to get her to a good place. The dog was pretty shy when she first arrived, but she started to come out her shell thanks to a little feline intervention.

As Elphaba1 explained, the cat was adopted shortly after they got Joule. Kelvin and Joule had ended up forming a very tight bond that Elphaba1 was unaware of. While the cat and dog got along while Elphaba1 was at home, she never really saw the two show that much affection – not like what she saw in the video footage.

While Elphaba1 was away at work, she decided that she would install a camera in order to keep an eye on Joule while not at home. There was no way that she anticipated what she saw. While checking the livestream on her work computer, Elphaba1 noticed that Kelvin was actually rubbing against Joule. The cat then settled down beside the nervous pup, and the two had a cuddle on the couch. It was something that completely surprised the pet owner.

But it also ended up winning overall animal enthusiasts online, who found the quick clip nothing short of adorable. The pair even have their own Instagram, where fans can follow the two in their daily adventures together.

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