Dog And Her Owners Reunite After She Jumped Out Of Window During Car Accident

Joey Beltran says he lived one of the most heartbreaking days you can could ever imagine. That morning he received the phone call he had been dreading. His mother had reached the end of her tough battle with bone cancer and would most likely not make it through the night.

He loaded his beloved dog, Nala, into the car and they headed off to say their final goodbyes. On the drive there, Beltran’s car hit a curb which sent the car flipping. When the car finally came to a halt, Beltran made a terrifying discovery. Nala had been ejected from the car. He looked behind him to see the terrified dog running off into the distance straight into the desert.

Beltran was now left to grieve the loss of two loved ones. His only solace was knowing that his mother and Nala would be together. Beltran began to work through the grieving process, when he received a shocking phone call from a local veterinarian. Beltran’s beloved Golden Retriever had been found, alive and healthy! Check out the footage from KTNV Channel 13 Action News for more on Beltran’s story and the heartwarming reunion.

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