Citizens Worked Hand-in-Hand to Rescue a Dog Trapped Inside a Car Engine

An animal’s lack of knowledge about modern civilization made it difficult for them to determine dangerous places. Authorities and rescue teams handle such cases almost every day. You’ll find cats and dogs stuck inside manholes, animals that can’t go down from cable lines, and more. As a citizen, you’ll encounter those animals several times in your life. It’s saddening to witness animals having trouble adapting to modern civilization. The least humans can do is immediately take action as soon as they arrive at the scene.

Photo: Twitter/Carrie Gillaspie

Animals do get trapped in various places, but it’s rare to find one inside a car’s engine. It’s one thing to get stuck inside the hood of a parked vehicle, but it’s certainly dangerous when it’s moving. A dog from Kansas took car trips to another level when she entered a stranger’s car engine. According to reports, the small fur baby went inside the vehicle in Johnson County. The car’s owner unknowingly drove to Kauffman Stadium with a dog stuck inside the engine. When the car was parked, the pup started to bark for help.

Photo: Twitter/Carrie Gillaspie

She was trapped for 30 minutes until a passerby noticed her small cries. Carrie Gillaspie, Royals digital reporter and host, was the person who heard the noise coming from a car’s hood. The reporter immediately checked the situation, but she couldn’t get the puppy out alone. Carrie called for help and informed the car owner, Ashley Newman, about the dog in her car. Ashley was bewildered, yet she acted quickly and reached out for a helping hand. The poor dog looked up to her and Carrie — waiting to be free again. It wasn’t easy to get the fur baby out, especially when she was stuck in a complicated position.

Carrie Gillaspie shared the rescue operation on her Twitter page. The video showed how co-workers assisted each other to successfully save the dog. It was hard to reach for her through the engine parts. Mechanics were called onto the scene, including Royals Lead Mechanical Technician Dennis Miller. He said, “We were able to take the under-trim off and get her free. It was a huge relief. I have a dog of my own. I was thinking how I would feel if she went missing.” They took her out from the bottom of the vehicle, and it was a 1.5-hour-long operation. As soon as the little pup was out, they comforted her. She was given food and water before Carrie brought her to the Kansas City Pet Project.

Photo: Twitter/Carrie Gillaspie

Surely, the pup is a missing dog, but the vets did not find any microchip. Ashley aided the search through the use of social media. She searched for missing posts on Facebook that recently happened in their area. Thankfully, Ashley found one that looks exactly like the dog found in her car. They contacted the owner, who expressed her gratitude to her fur baby’s rescuers. The rescue operation was inspiring, as it showed how citizens should help one another. Carrie’s Twitter post received lots of engagement — netizens expressing their admiration for everyone involved in saving a trapped dog. Humanity is truly at its best when working hand-in-hand for the sake of a community member — whether for a human or an animal.

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