He Hands His Toy To His Human, But You’ll Never Believe What This Smarty Hands Her Next!

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Sometimes things are more enjoyable when you know that all the hard work that was put into it was done by you. This smart Golden Retriever knows all of the steps to helping his human prepare his yummy peanut butter kong toy treat, and executes them all perfectly! I’m sure he enjoys it even more in the end knowing that he helped make it!

First he gets the toy and gives it to his owner. Then he goes into the kitchen, pulls open the cabinet with his mouth, grabs the jar of peanut butter and brings that to his owner as well. Lastly, he goes back into the kitchen to grab a plastic knife. He sits patiently while his human puts the peanut butter into his toy and then lies down with it to enjoy his yummy little snack! This pup is so smart and adorable!

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