This Dog Broke Out Of Her Kennel At A Pet Motel. Wait Until You See Why…

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This dog, named Maggie, was staying at the Barkers Pet Motel while her family was away on vacation. The Motel isn’t just a doggy daycare, they also take in shelter pups who don’t have a foster. While Maggie was in her kennel, she heard two puppies crying. They were at the motel waiting for their furever homes.

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Maggie snuck out of her kennel and went straight to the puppies’ kennel door, tag wagging and all, trying to comfort them. When a worker at the motel saw Maggie, she let her into the puppies’ kennel and she snuggled right up with them! Her story went viral, and it actually helped the puppies gain attention to be adopted. It brought so much interest and now they have pending adoptions! As for Maggie, when her family returned home, they brought her back to the kennel a few days later to visit the puppies again!

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