Dog Brings A Sprinkler Inside The House And Causes A Ruckus

Summertime has a lot of perks to it. Schools are out. There is plenty of sunshine and the weather is great for outdoor activities. We can enjoy time at the beach or barbecuing with friends and family. While summer is undoubtedly a great time of year, it’s also the warmest time of year. And sometimes, the summer heat can get to be too much.

Our dogs are just as susceptible to the heat as we are. While we try to find ways of cooling off during boiling weather, our canine companions usually do the same. Normally, that entails our pups either slithering off to a shady spot somewhere in the yard or happily running through a sprinkler system.

But when Texas weather hit the ungodly triple digits, one clever dog decided that he was going to combine the best of both worlds: shade and a sprinkler system. The intelligent dog, Baloo, liked to enjoy the family’s oscillating sprinkler head.

Unfortunately for Baloo it was outside in the sun. He clearly wasn’t feeling the heat that day. So, what was this pup’s solution?

He figured that if he brought it indoors with him to the cool air conditioning of the home he’d still be able to enjoy the water but also be in a more palatable environment.

While it was a genius idea on his part, his owner was horrified by a sprinkler system inside her home. Cara Wohr shared the footage to her social media. It was funny, but we also couldn’t help but feel bad for all the mopping she probably had to do afterward.

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Anastasia is an American writer and journalist living in Dublin, Ireland. Her Twitter is @AnastasiaArell5.
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